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The Ultimate Skid Steer Attachments for Farmers & Ranchers

For more than 10 years, Dakota Wire Winder & Post Puller has given farmers the tool to easily and quickly remove fences and posts on their land. Based in Wishek, North Dakota, this product is available to farmers across the nation and in Canada.

Wire Winders

Time-Saving Fence & Post Remover

Use our wire roller and fence removal tool to save time on redesigning your landscape. This tool was designed by a custom fencer and fabricator to help ranchers, farmers, and livestock owners take down fences to make new pens for agriculture or animals. It is easy to use and only takes one person to work. You can go around your property one time to roll up about 500 to 700 pounds of wire. Rather than using handheld fencing tools, this timesaver stops you from having to take multiple trips, so you can focus on more important things.

For just $7,100.00, this useful and practical farm tool rolls up cable, plastic, sheep wire, and even barbed wire. It is able to take multiple lines at once, and also pulls up steel, wood, and fiberglass posts. Remove your entire fencing unit at one time by hooking it up to any piece of farming equipment, such as a tracker or Bobcat®. Compared to other fence removal tools, this patented product is safe and effective, with minimal maintenance required to keep it running.

We can put freight estimates togther for easy shipping, you don't have to come to us to get this awesome product. 

Pulling Wood Fence Posts with Dakota Wire Winder and Post Puller

Pulling Steel T posts with Dakota Wire Winder and Post Puller


How to Remove a Full Ball of Wire from the Dakota Wire Winder and Post Puller

Rolling up barbed wire with Dakota Wire Winder and Post Puller


Hooking up barbed wire fence to Dakota Wire Winder and Post Puller