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Wire Winder

Easy & Fast Fence Removal

Use our fence remover when you want to take down the wiring and posts of the barriers you have on your property. This tool rolls up wires and pulls out posts in just one round. All it takes is just one person to maneuver the machine around the property, with fewer laps needed than other tools.

Fence Remover

Rent or buy the perfect post puller and barbed wire winder tool for farmers and ranchers.
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About Us

After more than 50 years of experience, the Dakota Wire Winder & Post Puller is the easiest tool for farmers to use to remove fences and posts. This fence removal and wire roller is American-made in Wishek, North Dakota. Rent it for $200 a day if within driving distance or buy it outright for $7100.00 (Price subject to change)to remove the fences around your livestock or property when you want to redesign your area. We also offer this tool to businesses and dealers who want to offer it for retail. This tool is perfect for pulling up electric fencing and barbed wire around your property. Livestock owners, manufacturers, and skid steer dealers use this machine on a regular basis to maintain their property. See for yourself why this machine fits right in with the rest of your equipment by renting or buying today.

Wire Winder
Wire Winder installed on bobcat
Wire Winder
Wire Winder side view
Wire Winder
Wire Winder front view

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